Through children’s eyes

By using Gopro cameras children’s experiences of the outdoors take centre stage, offering the opportunity to (literally) look through children’s eyes. Through this way of working you can discover traces of young children’s perspectives on the outdoor environment that otherwise stay hidden or do not get attention at all.

Discover how kids play

The videos do not give a narrow definition of reality and truth, but offer wider perspectives and insights into spatial practices of children and the way the (re-)present their experiences.

discover the playplace

The value of outdoor play in early childhood

Playplace will help teachers training students, (ECEC) professionals and parents to discover the value and richness of outdoor play and gain important insights in interactions (and meaning giving) of children and/with the outdoor environment in different contexts. This can give you the necessary confidence to stimulate and appreciate outdoor play in early childhood.

Playplace will be of important value to city-planners, (school)-architects, policy representatives,  as via this way they can trace the perspectives of young children and use it as inspiration for design and child-friendly policies.

let's play