Closely connected to the playplace we developed exercises that can help professionals (teachers, policy-makers, architects, …) and parents to interpret the video traces of the interactions between children and the outdoor environment.

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Information & action

What is a script? A script describes everything that can be heard or seen in a fragment down to the smallest detail. Thoughts and feelings are not described.Write the script of the fragment you are watching. This requires sustained attention and presence. In this way we practise looking. Looking is different from just seeing. Looking can show us something, tell us something, prompt us to do something.

Purpose | What can this exercise mean?

This exercise gives you the opportunity to look very carefully and to write down what you see. There is a chance that different scripts will emerge. Not everyone's eye falls on the same thing. That is what makes it fascinating and a starting point for dialogue with each other. Sharing the scripts gives the opportunity to show something to each other, to be inspiring, to question something.

Questions | Initiate dialogue

  • What does the fragment show us? What do you notice? What have you not noted or noted differently?
  • What does it tell us? Through which glasses do you look? What assumptions can you recognise? Who or what has shaped your view?
  • Does it set something in motion? Transfer to own practices? What did the other's script draw your attention to?

download this exercise in pdf