Closely connected to the playplace we developed exercises that can help professionals (teachers, policy-makers, architects, …) and parents to interpret the video traces of the interactions between children and the outdoor environment. This exercises help to value, read and imagine the outdoors as a learning environment in early childhood.

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Background | Information

The views you have on learning and development affect the learning context you create. Here, we provide a diagram that can help you gain insight into a number of educational models. We base ourselves here on the High Scope Model (source: The differences between the educational models arise because they deal differently with initiative of the teacher (vertical axis) and the child (horizontal axis) to create a well-defined learning environment. This means that each model deals differently with the stimulation of learning.

Models: download the exercise

Get started | Action

Watch a video. Write down for yourself what you see happening in terms of initiative by the toddlers or the adult (teacher, parent, ...)?

Questions | Initiate dialogue

  • How do you relate to the educational models?
  • What would you do in this situation?
  • What would be your next step?
  • What do you think or feel when you hear the others' answers?
  • Does this exercise bring about anything? Does it set something in motion?

download this exercise in pdf